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QbCheck provides with objective measurements of hyperactivity, impulsivity, and inattention to aid in the assessments of ADHD and in the evaluation of treatment interventions in patients with ADHD. Only qualified professionals should interpret QbCheck results. QbCheck shall always be interpreted in combination with other clinically relevant information, such as clinical interview and/or standard symptom scales. QbCheck test will be taken at the computer.

No medications, needles or physical contact is required. QbCheck requires a computer with web camera. Test involves a system check of the computer, instructions on how to perform a QbCheck, a practice test, a QbCheck and the presentation of results. Test taker sits on a chair with back support but no arm support. In taking the QbCheck test, test taker will watch and /or listen to certain information and prompts and will respond using a keyboard. QbCheck report will present an overall ADHD symptom level indicator score, scores of all three main symptoms of ADHD, a visual presentation of the test data and data for comparison. QbCheck test results are not intended to be a stand alone diagnosis of ADHD, rather test results will merely provide an indication of patient’s risk of having ADHD. No known contraindications for conducting QbCheck. View More